RFS Date Night Story

The weekend got a little bit hotter for the couple. Continue reading to see what happened on their Date Night. 

The RFS Date Night collection impact story.


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The girl just met the guy and seems to go with the wind curious to know who is waiting for win her heart.


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Few talks, few moves and hope the guy impresses the girl


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The girl still seems uninterested probably thinking about who to date next but.....


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Something stuck when their dresses feel each other. The electric shock & the immediate positivity is travelling from their clothes into the pores of their skin.


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Finally to its resting place i.e the heart. As the saying goes they can't take their eyes off each other


Shop at RFS DN Collection

A real success story indeed ending in you know what!!!


Still thinking, Watch the Short video - RFS Date Night in Youtube

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Special Thaks to:
Photographers: @Zachhood.photo & @Myles_charron
Models: @Sfrida.x & @Vince Francek

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