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My life has been a roller coaster as I always follow my passion, let it be my work in Technology or Finance, I follow my heart directed by my Brain. In the next few slides, I portray how impactful fashion can be & will be. When we think of Fashion, Men are left behind and Today, I stand with all the different men who has fire beneath to follow their dreams but are restricted due to day-to-day challenges.

Women fashion has reached great heights but at RFS specific collections are dedicated to Women to bring the confidence out in a neutral society. The collections portray the growth towards Women empowerment. 

RunwayFashionStreet is a collection to celebrate ALL!!!

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Who we are:

is a path changing clothing brand that is working towards creating vibrant clothing
for Men & Women. The themed collection at RFS are unique in its own way and promotes coexistence in a constantly changing World. We see there is a huge space in today’s world for Men to feel more colourful and Women to feel empowered


What we represent:

Our concept is to make Men feel proud on what they wear and be more expressive. Men in today’s world undergo many challenges and we believe Fashion should make them feel positive. Here we believe Color is more powerful  i.e impacts the eyes, mind and promotes vibrancy.

The main drawback being Men’s fashion not on Par with women’s fashion. There is a huge gap here. Men are being made fashion stereotypes by our society. Right from a very young age colour and style has been made very binary for men. Men who want to express themselves via cloths seldom get that opportunity due to unavailability of options in the market. That is where we are working to make Men believe “wear your attitude up your sleeves and there is no one stopping you”. It’s a long way to go to reach our goal but as a first step we are bringing more vibe to Men’s dressing. Colours speak and people who wear colours express themselves in a better way. Colour oozes confidence not only in the person who wears it but also in the person who sees it. Men being more visual we believe it would create the right amount of impact. And the time is right to remove the Fashion stereotypes. 

We focus on not just adding colours to the apparel but the right mix with the precise design/patterns. It’s a rule of thumb that a person shouldn’t wear more than three colours . But I tend to disagree, if you add the right mix to give the right feel then there is no limit. Either it can be a splash of colours or pattern based or theme based (like Men-tal Positivity) etc... colours have so long been disassociated with men and we are here to change it. Men are expressive creatures but this society always frames Men as being the one who has to protect. That formula alone keeps Men away from expressing their feelings. We are here to bring every character or expression in Men being himself out to the world via colours. If you are different from another be proud about it. The list goes ON.

The collections for Women focuses on the below Mantras. 

  • Women with attitude wear it with confidence
  • Meet your attitude
  • Wear your character
  • Walk with confidence
  • It’s for the women with style

The idea is to create a space for Women where there are seen as a living soul rather than a beauty object. So each Women centric collection brings a character out with a positive attitude. 

The other point I want to touch on the garment construction is that it’s on demand and print based so very environmental friendly. Even the materials that we wrap our products are compostable. My plan for the future is to built on this foundation to keep things compact, techno-efficient and friendly to the environment.


Delivering to USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, India* and South Korea* as of Today. To cover more countries soon!!!

* includes only Specific collections. See collection page for more details.

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