FAT Fall 2022 Runway Show

Fashion Art Toronto is a place where unique talents are identified and provided space to showcase their creations. Every living being needs Oxygen to live and, in that sense, FAT is the Oxygen for Fashion Designers

The collection is a full blown focus on Mental Positivity for Men. Every collection on the runway has a name with a phrase explaining the designs impact in human life. From the start each collection promotes positivity to everyone who can associate themselves with the design. I have seen so much suffering in Men that it is time to nurture them with confidence for all the unselfish act that are done by them. Historically Men have suffered a lot and now it’s time to give something back to them. In Men I live. 

I would like to thank FAT especially Vanja Vasic & Liam Colborne for giving me this opportunity to showcase Men - Runwayfashionstreet is for Men & by Men  Visit FAT website at http://fashionarttoronto.ca/



I felt very special & good when I wore the outfit for Runwayfashionstreet on Nov 13 in FAT show. Ishwar ( the man behind Runwayfashionstreet) is a very stylish person who has a bold sense of fashion. All the hard work he put in his designs really shows. Each design has a unique color & it enhances your mindset, positive attitude and a winsome personality. All the colorful outfits add a great taste to men’s fashion. I was fortunate enough to work with Ishwar. As an individual, I would like every person to wear his collection, you will be immediately drawn to each piece. Thank you so much for having me & keeping the Canadian fashion alive for men. Your designs bring a smile on my face every time I see them


Runway fashion street is one of the best casual and everyday wear i have seen in Toronto. The fabric is nice and the designs are modern with awesome prints. Additionally, Runwayfashionstreet comes with good color collection of shorts that can be easily paired with any hoodie 


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