Fashion Forward Meetup - Toronto

Dec 2022: Following the Fashion Art Toronto Fall 2022 Runway Show, we had a photoshoot of the Men-tal positivity collections and a few holiday themed sweatshirts. On a snowy day followed by a few delays as expected, this 4 hours long photoshoot epitomized the colors and graphics represented in the clothing.

Apart from Male models scintillating in the collections, this event also helped to showcase the women friendly collections at RunwayFashionStreet. Men oozed positivity with women models adding a touch of spice. Be the men who will be liked by women for the collections representing Human Race. Follow us on Instagram at RunwayFahsionStreet_Toronto for more togetherness in celebrating YOU!!! Enjoy the clicks from the photoshoot below.


Event: @Fashion_forward_meetups

Studio: @contentday








Makeup: @sarah_samantha


@itsme_katalina_t :

Ishwar, the clothing designer of RunwayFashionStreet has come up with the coolest looking outfits!
Everything has fun colours, interesting designs, stylish looks that will turn heads when worn out on the streets or hanging on the beach. The pieces are very comfortable as well.
If you’re looking to dress your man up in great clothes for this spring and summer, I highly recommend contacting RunwayFashionStreet (@runwayfashionstreet_toronto).


Not very long ago fashion seemed to be a thing of the elite in the society .
But that has however changed as "everyday dressing incorporates some form of fashion " ( Rocamora and Smelik 2016)
With this Runway fashion has revolutionized the clothing industry .
I highly recommend people to buy there products online and clothing is stylishly tailored to fit all size and it's perfect wash and wear well and they provide amazing service in terms of clothing and delivery .
I have been an fashion ambassador for RunwayfashionStreet clothing line up which was conducted by fashion forward meet up 
All the best for there future endeavors



Runway Fashion Street redefines Comfort and Fashion in perfect sync, Interestingly how being regular men we tend to go with the simple combination of fashion but they conveniently have come together with an ideal wardrobe of hybrids which put together is such a beautiful combo. Truly enjoyed showcasing the products and look forward to doing more collabs in the future!

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