Why CR7 is hated!!!

Why CR7 is hated!!!

               Before I get into the topic, I want to say a big thank you to CR7 for being an inspiration for over two decades. From An avid cricket fan to have soccer at heart, it’s all down to one man who has revolutionized the way Soccer is played. Glad to be born in the same year as my idol and glad to be watching him deliver performance after performance like a Ferrari. Not winning the WC 2022 when everyone wants Messy and Co to win it, you don’t have much control over it. There is always a great difference between CR7 and Messi, not only in games but off field as well. One speaks his heart while the other comes with a script and that too a fake one.

        Yes CR7 speaks without fear and nothing is fake. He spoke about how things are at Manchester United and now we are talking about the owners planning for improvement or even better willing to sell the club. CR7 wants certain class and Manchester United had it in the past but unfortunately not anymore. If you are a MU fan you have to thank CR7 for that. The team with no leader/talent wanted to push him out and they got what they wanted. What is to be seen is will they ever win a trophy with these below average highly paid players. Think about this, instead of speaking his heart if CR7 had cried and faked in the Piers Morgan interview then the world would have sympathized with him. But he is CR7 and not the small guy. The world loves fakers but CR7 is not one. Precisely CR7 is hated for being a true person.

           Yes CR7 feels he has a bigger role for his national team and a bigger ego. A team which has won no major trophy in the past and were not regularly qualifying for the major tournaments, now has won a major tournament and are regulars in any major tournament. CR7 single handedly built this national team brick by brick with his hard work and motivation. The so called young guns in the national team doesn’t appreciate it but the future will tell us how these guys perform. The trend in club football is helping average talent make huge amounts of money and with that they not only think they are superior but seldom respect the seniors. A man as big as CR7 has to be respected for what he has done and has to be shown love during his most difficult year. Instead his ego is being highlighted but think about this these no achievers in the national team has an ego and they expect CR7 to take in whatever is thrown on him.

         The world will miss CR7 when truth wins over fakeness. Surprisingly nobody knows when that will happen until then CR7 will be hated. The world needs truth and not lies. As long as lies win, the place for brave men or women is being reduced to mere thin air. Signing off with my final line “If there is one person who can motivate an earthworm to beat a lion then that will be CR7, the boy with hunger in his eyes from Madeira

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